I had my son assessed last week and I am very impressed! Rachael was very kind and friendly as well as understanding of our situation! She made sure that both myself,school and **child** had everything explained clearly and that we fully understood what was happening or being talked about. **child** was happy when he came home having done some ‘special work!’..After the assessment we have a very detailed report and a sensory diet so that we can help **child**. Thanks!


Parent, February 2017

Our experience with Rachael was amazing, she was absolutely brilliant with **child**, so kind, friendly, caring and made him feel so good about himself. She has been the first person that he has seen that has made him feel good about himself and took the time to explain it to **child** in a way he understood. I would absolutely recommend her, she was just brilliant.


Parent, April 2017

I am 13 and I went to see Rachel and I think she was fab. She really helped me and new how I was feeling even when I didn’t say anything, she is the best person I have seen. Thank you for helping me Rachael


Child, April 2017

I’m very grateful for what you have done for my daughter. Your advice is already making a difference to her well being. The fact that you have worked with her at her own pace has really benefitted her progress. Your experience, knowledge and patience is unbelievable. My daughter doesn’t generally interact with professional but you managed it. That in itself is amazing for my girl. Thank you.


Parent, April 2017

We met Rachel in January 2017, after finding out that our son possibly had ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. We had no idea what SPD was, had never heard of it before and were just completely overwhelmed with the situation we were in. Rachel really helped us understand how our son was feeling and what he needed – she guided us through the alien world of sensory needs and was so helpful and calming at a time we found quite difficult and upsetting. We can’t recommend Rachel enough – our son loves his sessions with her as she completely understands his needs, and she is able to explain to us how to help him both at home and at school.


Parent, July 2017

Our daughter is 4.5 and has autism. We had struggled for 12 months with toileting issues and we felt we had run out of places/professionals to turn to for support. We saw Rachael’s Facebook page and made contact. She gave advice and strategies to try and I have to say that the impact was almost instant! The positive impact extends to the whole family and we are so grateful to Rachael.


Parent, September 2017

I am a student occupational therapist from Coventry university who has been shadowing Rachael over the summer. This work experience has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the service Blossoms Children’s OT provides and her role as a children’s occupational therapist. I had a fantastic time and learnt a lot from Rachael, I think she is a brilliant occupational therapist and has a lot of passion and dedication for her job. She is warm and friendly and really knows how to communicate well with children, she makes her sessions fun and engaging and is also very professional and knowledgeable with her experience. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to spend some time with Rachael and very grateful for her support!


Occupation Therapy Student, September 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Rachael & her student placement over the summer. My son has Asperger’s and I wanted an up to date Sensory Profile for educational & home purposes. Rachael was fantastic with my son, she got him to engage in a way that wasn’t daunting or demanding. He felt at ease, as did I and she had a full awareness of Autism and the challenges it can bring to the individual both at home & school along with how it affects the whole family. The report received was thorough, detailed and very useful moving forward. Thank you! I would have no hesitation in recommending as the whole experience was fantastic!


Parent, October 2017

Our little boy has been seeing Rachael for nearly a year now, to help with ADHD and SPD. She is amazing and has helped him so much. We now get cuddles and he even occasionally wears jogging bottoms (big step for a 7 year old who only ever wears shorts).


Parent, October 2017

Rachael has an easy manner and is friendly and kind. She easily developed a rapport with our child during the 1:1 assessment and was very effective. The report was very detailed and produced incredibly quickly. The feedback meeting with school was very helpful as it helped us avoid any ambiguity. I am very grateful for her fantastic suggestions and helping us understand our child so much better. Rachael’s compassion and understanding of the children she serves is evident and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone with concerns about their child’s development and educational needs.


Parent, October 2017

I really appreciated the turn around between assessment and feedback meeting- everything is still fresh in my mind! Lovely service- friendly yet professional. Will definitely use again and will recommend to parents. Thank you!


SENCO, October 2017

We have seen a massive difference in our daughter. Rachael is absolutely amazing, she genuinely cares for the well being of her clients and their families. Understanding our daughter’s sensory needs has allowed us and her school to have a much better understanding of why things are difficult for her. We have been made aware of how her sensory issues have influenced and affected so many areas of her life and we have been shown ways to help her at home and school. We would highly recommend Rachael’s OT services.


Parent, October 2017

Thank you so much for your involvement and I was so happy that the school also have taken on board your suggestions and that they will be using the recommendations and doing the therapy at school and at home, he can relax and not have to worry about doing extra stuff in addition to being at school all day. I have a much better understanding of his difficulties and needs now and how I can better support them at home. Thank you very much.


Parent, December 2017

Not at all; the work was thoroughly carried out and the feedback was very comprehensive. I was impressed by Rachael’s explanations and felt the advice was very practical and could be facilitated by school.


Inclusion Strategic Lead , December 2017

The illustrations on activity sheets are helpful. The way the feedback was given to both school and home was very positive. I felt we were able to talk through things together which is always good for positive relationships.


SENCO, April 2018

We were really happy with Rachael and the service she provides from the start. Rachael enabled both us and our son to feel comfortable and confident, both in her knowledge, and her ability to assess and assist. The report produced is not only relevant and personal, but useful and accessible to all the people who will use it to aid our son; Rachael really ‘saw’ and ‘got’ him during the assessment and this is wonderfully reflected in the report and recommendations, giving us confidence that all involved will be able to now help to the best of our ability. We are very grateful and would not hesitate to recommend Rachael and her services.


Parent, March 2018

I was discussing with our Headteacher yesterday how the report and the meeting went and told her that I found the whole process helpful and that it was one of the best experiences of support we had received in a long time. Rachel was very professional and down to earth and did not expect there to be changes that were impossible to manage in a daily working environment in an educational setting. I would be happy to contact Rachel again if I needed to ask anything regarding this particular young person or to seek further advice.


Education Provider, April 2018

Training Feedback

Fantastic training, very well delivered!!

Fantastic, many thanks I’ve learnt a lot of interesting new things

Extremely interesting, very knowledgeable presenter- excellent strategies to use

Really enjoyed my morning and feel it will be so helpful

This is the most interesting and helpful training I have attended, thank you Rachael!