News – PDA

PDA is is an anxiety driven condition resulting in a need to be in control and avoid other people’s demands and expectations. (Christie, Duncan, fidler and Healy 2011) . This can include avoiding things that actually they do want to do. This is very different to those with general demand avoidance. Libby Hill explains that those with PDA , the avoidance is likely to be pervasive and relate to everyday demands, have an obsessive quality, have an illogical quality which may include people or body signals , lead to panic after a build up and involve lots of social strategies such as distraction through changing topics , talking at length and providing creative startegies are often used by these children.

A diagnosis of PDA is essential for these children to ensure those around them use the correct approaches to reduce their anxiety and also to help access services.

The PDA society is a helpful organisation to seek support. They have created this helpful visual to provide PDA strategies using the PANDA mnemonic .